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International Reach

Tap into a wide pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds and skills from various parts of the world.

Market Knowledge

Work with a team that is well-versed in the job markets and industries of various countries or regions.  Understanding job trends, salary expectations, and industry-specific requirements is part of our service.

Cultural Awareness

We take pride in understanding and respecting cultural differences when recruiting and placing candidates globally.

Cross-Cultural Communication

We effectively communicate between candidates, clients, and recruiters from different cultures with the understanding of how to navigate cultural nuances and expectations.

Time Zone Coordination

We work across multiple time zones, coordinating interviews, meetings, and communication between candidates and clients in different parts of the world while accommodating time zone differences.

We find talent

We work across multiple time zones, coordinating interviews, meetings, and communication between candidates and clients in different parts of the world while accommodating time zone differences.
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We provide job

We specialize in over 40 roles, offering flexible talent solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Let us help shape your career success.
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Area of expertise

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Candidate Sourcing

Proficient in identifying and attracting top talent through various channels, including job boards, social media, and industry-specific networks.

Candidate Assessment

Skilled in evaluating candidates' qualifications, skills, and cultural fit to ensure the right match for both candidates and employers.

Talent Pipeline Development

Experienced in building and maintaining a robust network of potential candidates to meet current and future hiring needs.

Diverse Role Specialization

Extensive knowledge and success in recruiting for a wide range of roles, from entry-level to executive positions, across diverse industries.

Global Recruitment

Adept at navigating international recruitment challenges, including visa requirements, cultural differences, and remote hiring.

Budget Management

Proven ability to optimize recruitment processes to minimize costs while maximizing quality hires.

Market Research

In-depth understanding of labor market trends, salary benchmarks, and competitor analysis to inform recruitment strategies.

Compliance & Legal

Knowledgeable about employment laws and regulations to ensure recruitment processes adhere to legal requirements.

Candidate Experience

Dedicated to providing a positive and respectful experience for candidates throughout the recruitment journey.

Technology Integration

Familiarity with the latest recruitment technologies and tools to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Client Relationship

Building and maintaining strong relationship with clients, understanding their unique hiring needs, and delivering tailored solution

Diversity and Inclusion

A commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace through proactive recruiting practices.

Deep industry knowledge

Our leadership team comes from IT, Digital Marketing, and Accounting

Technology and IT

Proficient in recruiting IT professionals, software developers, engineers, and technology specialists.

Finance and Banking

Skilled in recruiting finance professionals, including accountants, financial analysts, and investment bankers.

Marketing and Advertising

Skilled in sourcing marketing and advertising professionals, including digital marketers, copywriters, and brand managers.

E-commerce and Startup

Experienced in sourcing talent for e-commerce companies and startups, including product managers, UX/UI designers, and data scientists.

Administrative Roles

Skilled in recruiting administrative professionals, including office managers, executive assistants, administrative coordinators, and virtual assistants.

Business Development
and Sales

We specialize in staffing business development roles, including business development managers, strategists, analysts, sales representatives, sales managers, and sales professionals across various industries.

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