Why Choose Sound Decisions Co. 

01. About Us

Sound Decisions, Co is a boutique staffing firm built in the digital age.  Our team acts as your bridge to the brightest talent around the world while keeping your quality high and your bottom line in mind.  The company was formed in 2012 and the company  headquarters is located in Irvine California.  The company's main focus has been providing high-quality remote staffing and consulting services to companies in the digital space. 

02. Finding the Right Person for You

We have developed a rigorous selection that is made to order.  Each customer's needs are met in real-time. Candidates are screened through the companies proprietary interview and testing process before meeting the client.  Each remote work attends quarterly training relevant to their role. 

03. The Tools You Need to Succeed

Traning and courses are a large cornerstone of the staffing industry. Here at Sound Decisions, Co, we provide remote and onsite training with our clients to ensure the best procedures are followed to maximize their success while working with remote teams. 

04. Disaster-Proofing 

Many companies have turned to our sourcing to reduce risk and control costs. A well trained remote team reduces single point of failure events and creates a managed process environment. In most cases hiring remote requires defining mission-critical processes that may only exist in a key employee's head.  This creates incredible risk to most companies.

05. Consolidated Billing

One of the great headaches our clients suffer from is payroll management and the taxes that go along with employees.  With our service, you pay 1 itemized bill for your workers with none of the paperwork and overhead of traditional employees or contractors.