Ronald Pope
CEO of The Conversion Pros

We've grown our remote teams year over year with Sound Decisions and couldn't be happier with the quality


Steve Solar
New Haven HVAC

[Sound Decisions] helped us form multiple virtual teams to meet our clients growing service demands. We now service 112 different countries and that would not be possible without them.

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Zach Woodbridge
Xan Industries

My remote team works overnight so I don't have to. It is one of the best investments I've ever made.


Happy Businessman

Mark Gigant
Community Moderator

Well, working with Daniel was a blast. Even with a single chat, it was easy to determine that Daniel is a very approachable boss. Likewise could be said for the rest of the administration that I have worked with under SD over the last couple of years I have been with the company.

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Ruth Aquino

Daniel and the admins treat us with care. We were treated not just like a VA but a family member. 

John Hemady

What I like with Sound Decisions is that there's no hovering over the agents and letting me work with the client with ease. Very accomodating admins and goes into action when I need assistance.

Pam Roldan
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Sound Decisions gives great opportunities to people like me who are starting from scratch and help us grow into professionals in this field of work.

Kitty Cacha
Social Media Manager

It’s great working with them because they don’t micromanage, they allow me to grow, learn new skills and they are easy to reach out to when help is needed.


Yumi Diaz
Sales Associate

A good boss, who treats his employee as a family. He's not just concerned about your work output but also your welfare as a human citizen.

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