Step by Step Guide When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Have you just started your business? You’re probably doing it on your own or you’re in need of help of one other person. Since you are still starting out, it might be hard for you to get an assistant. However, routine tasks may become so overwhelming at a certain point that you will be unable to dedicate enough time to your core business. If this is true, then you need to start thinking about hiring a virtual assistant.

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant are numerous. For one thing, you will learn important skills that you will need later to manage a team. Hiring a virtual assistant will help you understand which tasks you may be able to delegate to employees in the future and which tasks you need to continue to handle yourself. Finally, a VA can help you stay organized and keep you up to date with your work, which is critical for any growing business.

Here’s a step by step guide when hiring your first virtual assistant.

1. Before jumping into the hiring process, identify all the tasks that you do in your company. This is to identify what you want for your assistant to work on. Outline all the things you are doing on a daily basis. You can start listing the ones that take up so much of your time then identify which of these you can handle and you want your assistants to do. By doing this, you can properly screen what kind of virtual assistant you will be hiring which is also part of the crucial guidelines in selection.

2. With so many outsourcing companies offering various services, you will be able to get an idea of what a base price should look like, and how the process works. There are also VA hiring platforms that specialize in providing VAs for certain businesses such as e-commerce or real estate. Look at the needs for your business to help decide which platform, and the candidates within, are most likely to meet your needs.

3. Once you have decided on which tasks to outsource, create a job description that details what your virtual assistant will be doing. This helps candidates to assess whether they are capable of doing the job, or if it is something they can learn. It is important because your assistant should be able to see the things they will be doing. When writing this down, you might want to include the tasks they need to complete within the day or week, the list of softwares you are currently using in your business and the expected hours each week plus the time when they will be online. By creating a clear and concise job description, you can ensure that you will attract applicants who are right for the job and be able to weed out the ones who are not.

4. After going through the applications you received, you should have a list of candidates that you want to interview. A 15-minute initial call is sufficient to find out if the person is the right fit for your business.

5. Some business owners skip giving trial runs to their new hires. While others find it unnecessary, some entrepreneurs start with giving new hires a trial task since this is a great way to get a feel for how you two will work together. Training new employees can be expensive and time-consuming, so by providing trial tasks, you will be able to ensure that you are investing your time and hiring a virtual assistant that you see staying with your company for some time. Before contracting a VA, and if you want to find out their skills and abilities, include trial tasks in the screening process.

6. Training is an essential part of cultivating an amazing relationship with your virtual assistant. This is one way of ensuring that they are equipped to handle the tasks you want them to do. You can do this by creating separate training guides for the unique tasks you would like the virtual assistant to complete so they have a thorough understanding of how to execute their work exactly as you would like it done.

7. This is part of nurturing your Virtual Assistants. They usually work from home, and it can be easy for them to become disengaged if you do not make the effort to include them in your company culture. Aim to meet with your assistant on a regular basis to keep them included in the direction of your company, help them feel encouraged to do a great job, and provide them a relationship with you and the rest of your team

Hiring the right virtual assistant can be life-changing for business owners and individuals. Our recommended hiring process is extensive because making the wrong decision when hiring directly can be costly on many levels. Time and effort spent on a comprehensive system to select the perfect candidate will cost most business owners more. We hope this article gives you an idea of what steps to take.

When deciding to hire your first Virtual Assistant, there will be a lot of challenges at first. But when you find your assistant through Sound Decisions Co. we'll take care of almost all of the hard work for you - leaving you free to achieve more and enjoy your new assistant.

If you want to discuss the process, feel free to reach us at



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