Finding the Right Virtual Assistant for Your Business

It is no longer a matter of whether or not you should hire a virtual assistant (VA). People's lives have been so drastically altered by the internet, social media, and smartphones that conducting business online has become a necessity. This is true whether you have a family business that has been passed down for generations or you are just getting started with an online business. The key secret of extremely productive and successful companies or entrepreneurs is that they don't do everything alone. They engage virtual assistants for specialized jobs so that they can do the task more quickly and effectively.

Determine which type of Virtual Assistant you need

Managing a business entails performing chores that aren't directly revenue-generating but are required to keep things running smoothly. With the correct training and specialization, VAs can complete many of these responsibilities. It's a matter of sorting through the various types of VAs to locate one that best suits your company's needs.

In general, there are 2 categories of which the VA falls under:

  • General or Administrative Virtual Assistants

A virtual personal assistant, often known as a general virtual assistant, is more than just a secretary. They are responsible for performing routine administrative and secretarial tasks such as responding to emails, organizing meetings, booking travel flights, producing email newsletters, answering phones, and creating databases, among other things. Basically, they sustain your everyday operations, tasks that are repetitive and could eat most of your time.

  • Specialized Virtual Assistants

The specialized VA possesses a set of skills that enable them to handle more specialized business responsibilities. The benefit of hiring them is that they are already specialists in their fields, such as bookkeeping and social media marketing. Example is the jobs that Social Media Virtual Assistants can perform are another outstanding example of specialization. Website blog pieces, announcements, promotions, and sharing other people's material to create connections and boost interaction with your target audience are all things that Social Media VAs are already familiar with.

Identify what you would like to outsource

After you've established a fundamental understanding of your company's requirements, compile a list of everything you'll delegate to a virtual assistant. You can approach this in two ways, depending on the type of VA. To give the VA a solid understanding of the scope of work, you can make a list of specific tasks and processes that they will be responsible for. This is best for general VAs, who will be handling a variety of jobs on the job. It's better for specialized VAs to concentrate on specific goals rather than chores. They are already aware of the responsibilities required in that line of operations because they were employed to manage a certain component of your organization. It's ideal to have them work toward a specific goal because you can rely on their specialized expertise. Increasing your social media participation, increasing the amount of property listings published, and so on are examples of possible outcomes.

Look for a Virtual Assistant that is qualified and experienced

You can look for a virtual assistant in a variety of methods, beginning with generating a job description and posting. Detail the scope of employment, estimated working hours, salary range, and other pertinent information for your prospective VA. Post your job opening on freelancer marketplaces and online job boards so that qualified freelancers can apply. The disadvantage of posting open job advertisements is that you may receive an excessive number of answers to sort through. Furthermore, some responses may be from imposters who will waste your time. You may prevent this issue by only publishing on recognized and trustworthy marketplaces. You can hire a VA by using an outsourcing company or asking your network for suggestions. Both strategies can help you choose a VA who is trustworthy and qualified for the job.

Review candidate and process application

After you've gotten a few responses to your job posting, it's time to sort through them and select the best prospects. You can apply different qualifications for candidates depending on the sort of VA you require. Candidates with prior expertise managing administrative responsibilities or related positions, for example, are likely to be the best fit for you if you're searching for a general VA. Keep an eye out for industry-related expertise, prior training or certifications, and other qualifications in specialty VAs. After that, do a video interview to assess the candidate's communication, linguistic, and interpersonal abilities. Behavioral questions and hypothetical scenarios can also be used to assess their rapid thinking, logic, and problem-solving abilities. The purpose is to gain a better understanding of a candidate's abilities and qualifications. You can also use the interview to clarify and explain the job vacancy to the candidate. This avoids any future misunderstandings and allows the candidate to set realistic expectations for the position. You can then filter down your choices to those who have relevant experience and stronger skill sets.

Prepare and train your chosen assistant

Prepare the necessary training materials once you've selected what to outsource. These papers will assist the VAs in becoming familiar with your company's specific practices, such as standard operating procedures (SOPs). Having these documents on hand will make onboarding go more smoothly and quickly, allowing the VA to get to work sooner. Ensure that the training materials and SOPs are comprehensive and current. While some things may come naturally to you, they may not to a new member of your team right away. The easier it is for the VA to adjust to your SOPs, the more thorough and explicit they are. You can also consider a two-week paid trial before fully committing to employing a candidate. A trial period allows you to better assess the prospect. Examine their work ethic, dependability, consistency, and overall compatibility with your company's operation. After the trial time, you can hire the successful candidate and fire the unsuccessful candidates.

The bottomline

Selecting a virtual assistant is a difficult task. If you choose the wrong person, there are risks to your business. However, by taking the appropriate procedures, you may not only make it more comfortable, but also reduce the risks that may arise along the road. Make a list of everything you need to get done. Look for the most qualified candidates. Hire the ideal virtual assistant for your company according to your requirements.

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