7 Ways to De-stress, Loosen Up and Take Time for Yourself

Updated: Jan 8

With the current situation that the world is facing, we had to change our daily routine. We are no longer able to do the usual things we are used to doing. We often resort to doing things that cause us to stress even more rather than hitting the right approach towards relieving the tension. There are many ways you can unwind and loosen up a little bit. Allow yourself to breathe and digest all the positive things happening around you rather than allow stressors to eat you up. Here are 7 ways to de-stress and take time for yourself.

1. Get some time, alone

One of the most important things to remember when taking care of yourself is to give yourself a break. You might want to read a book outdoors, under a tree or, soak in the tub while listening to calming music with no distractions, just you and your inner thoughts. Even taking a 30-minute break in the middle of your work schedule to step outside contemplate on your thoughts in a quiet place helps you revive your composure.

2. Go for a walk

Walking on a regular basis can improve your mood by reducing the tension, anxiety, irritability, and moderate sadness that commonly accompany stress. It can help you have a better night's sleep, which can be harmed by stress, despair, and anxiety. It can also make you feel more confident. While working out at the gym might not be your cup of tea, taking a walk outside helps to unwind. It allows you to think, get some fresh air and lets your body get the oxygen it needs to naturally flow in your brain. This helps you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

3. Engage in art

Art can be a catharsis for painful feelings, a distraction from stressful thoughts and experiences, and a method to enter a state of "flow" that can be restorative in a variety of ways. This allows you to concentrate on what you are doing rather than focusing on other things like stressors.

4. Get proper sleep

Stress can make you feel more tired and detached. If you are feeling weighed down in the middle of the day, then recharge yourself by taking a nap. This should help boost your energy levels, and get more motivated. It allows the brain to ease up on all the worries you are thinking about. This also helps you lift your mood and makes you feel more alert.

5. Yoga/ Meditation

Yoga is a combination of physical and mental disciplines that can help you reach body and mind harmony. This can assist you in relaxing and coping with tension and anxiety. There are different meditation techniques involving breathing, silence and clearing your thoughts. If you haven't tried this, then maybe now is the time. Allow yourself to listen to your surroundings while your body is in a relaxed state. This helps you feel much calmer.

6. Listening to music

Putting your headphones on will help block out any outside noise and can ensure you are in the moment, allowing you to unwind and feel the beat of what you are listening to. Music has long been researched and valued for its power to both entertain and heal people throughout history. Countless experts have looked into how music can serve as a useful form of therapy for a variety of mental and physical illnesses, as well as a means to cope with everyday life.

7. Laugh

Since we all have different senses of humor, think about something that puts a smile on your face. There is no better way to release all that tension but to laugh it out to ease the stress away. You can watch comedy shows or watch your favorite comedian perform. Laughing decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells that help the body fight any diseases thus, this is good for your health.

Nobody wants to be burned out. No matter how hectic our schedules are, we have to make sure that we find time to unwind and give ourselves some “me time”. Taking care of yourself and giving time to your inner peace would be a good start.

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