6 Tips on How to Productively Work With Your Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant is more than just a virtual secretary or personal assistant. They are capable of far more than just replying to emails, answering calls, appointment scheduling and managing your calendar for meetings. In response to demand from organizations looking to reduce operational costs, the virtual help industry has risen dramatically to accommodate additional skills, talent, and capabilities. In expanding you business, you need to make use of your virtual assistants to the best of their abilities. Here are 6 tips for making the most of your Virtual Assistant.

Develop a good relationship

A Virtual Assistant, like you, is a business owner. She owns and operates a company that provides virtual support. You won't be her only client; she might have four or five others from different sectors (which is what most freelancers do). This suggests she shares your desire to expand her own company. Most virtual assistants are freelancers, hence they are not only working towards you but several other clients however, this does not mean that they will sacrifice their work to you in order to extend their client list. Communicate with your virtual assistants and plan things out, make sure to work together in achieving one common goal.

Encourage more participation in the process

Let your employees be proactive in their work. Your Virtual Assistant will be more confident and focused in completing her work if she feels more involved in the company process. Expand the scope of your VA's tasks slowly until they are able to understand more on the process of how your business works. This will make them feel as really part of the family.

Provide a system that enhances operations

Even if you're transacting on the internet, constant communication is essential in any business. Collaboration in the same space is not possible while working with virtual assistants. It is critical for you to stay on top of the various areas of a company. Implementing a system process where you and the Virtual Assistant may discuss pending concerns, difficulties, and problems in the organization, is a good solution. You can use this to discuss the performance of your virtual assistants. The goal is not to criticize them but to uncover ways on how to improve your business and company's performance.

Asks for their thoughts and organize their tasks

They may possess information, experience, and competence that you lack. Their area of expertise may be in fields with which you are unfamiliar with. Spend some time hearing their thoughts. You may, for example, inquire about their thoughts on how to improve the company's current operational workflow. They might be able to suggest better Project Management and File Sharing software. This can also help you to ensure that your Virtual Assistant's scope of work and tasks are organized and up to date to avoid any misunderstandings and errors. Many virtual assistants have been absorbed in research work, you might also ask them for their opinions on your industry.

Have a list of achievable targets and strategies

When you set goals and objectives for your Virtual Assistant, you must do so in light of their existing abilities and the current state of your business. While hiring a Virtual Assistant will reduce your costs, increasing your productivity will be a different story. So, have your expectations in check and keep an open mind about your Virtual Assistant's performance.

Respect their period of adjustments

It will take time for the Virtual Assistant to master new skills and meet new individuals. Be patient and assist the Virtual Assistant in navigating the learning curve. A Virtual Assistant isn't a miracle worker, but she could give your company the boost it needs to reach the next level. In terms of logistics, managing a Virtual Assistant might be difficult. However, if you can learn to look past the boundaries of collaboration, hiring one or forming a team may be the greatest option for your company.

The Takeaways

Working with a virtual assistant has numerous advantages for both you and your company. You'll save time, money, be more productive, and be able to focus on the things that actually count in terms of expanding your business. These pointers can help you and your freshly hired virtual assistant have a smooth and successful working relationship for years to come. You can ensure a long-term, productive, and successful working relationship with your Virtual Assistant by putting these tips in place.

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