5 Tips on how to work productively with Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can save you work hours a day, but only if you make the most of your time with them, using training systems that make delegation a breeze.

1. Provide clear instructions

  • To work well with your virtual assistants, you must exercise precise instructions to them. It saves you time and avoids more mistakes.

2. Document all your processes

  • Documentation allows having it easy for you and your virtual assistants to check on the task.

3. Be patient

  • Give one task out at a time, and manage each task at the beginning. Managing ensures lesser mistakes and falls back in the end.

4. Delegate tasks properly

  • Proper delegation of tasks allows you to maximize your assistants. Assess the value of your time and the job.

5. Allow them to ask more questions

  • Your virtual assistants should feel comfortable asking questions, clarifying doubts, or guidance at any time without feeling or sounding stupid.



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