5 Tips for Staying Productive While Working From Home

It can be difficult to stay productive while managing the demands of your everyday job with family and home considerations for employees with remote work arrangements. Whether you're new to remote work or seeking ways to improve your work-life balance, here are seven tips to help you be more productive while working from home.

1. Plan a routine with your family

There may be periods during the week when your school-aged children are at home. Caring for children can make staying productive even more challenging for parents who need to work while at home. If you find yourself in this situation, it's critical to have a clear routine for everyone in the family. Consider how you may arrange your schedules to accommodate the need for child care - for example, one spouse might work in the mornings while the other works later in the day. Alternatively, you may get up an hour earlier to have more time to work while the house is quiet. Later on, this could assist relieve some of your workload.

2. Build a workspace for yourself

Though working from your bed or couch can be enticing, strive to set up something more formal. According to studies, having a dedicated office can help you focus. Having a defined area in your home where you "go to work" can help you focus more and be less distracted. It's great if you have an actual workplace in your home, but because every home is different, you'll have to make the most of what you have. A kitchen counter (sit in the same spot each time), a dining room table, or a corridor desk are all good options.

3. Take some breaks and walk outside

You can only work for a certain amount of time. Consider taking regular breaks to allow your mind (and body) to recharge if you truly want to be productive. Take a few minutes every hour or so to stand, refill your water, or pat your dog. Short breaks every few hours can help you stay more focused and productive. To assist yourself recharge, take your mind off work for a while. If stepping outside isn't possible, even eating lunch or daydreaming in front of a window might provide equivalent benefits.

4. Try prepping your meals ahead

If you are the one who's in charge of the kitchen, then meal prepping is a great way to keep all that cooking from bogging you down. On Sundays, make a few meals in bulk and portion them into food storage containers. This can help you from having to stop work and make on-demand meals throughout the week. This works well when you have a lot of people living in the house, because not everyone is hungry at the same time. This provides options for people to eat when they’re ready.

5. Keep regular hours if possible

Set precise hours for when you'll be available by phone, email, or online and working if your employer allows it. It's necessary to get your professional work done, but it's also critical to take time to unwind, appreciate your loved ones, and simply relax. On both a professional and personal level, make sure you're setting fair boundaries.

The bottom line is

Working from home does not preclude you from maintaining contact with coworkers, family, and friends. It's not without its difficulties. However, sticking to a plan, communicating clearly with loved ones, and removing distractions can all help to lighten the load.

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