5 Incredible Tips for Getting More Tasks Done

Small company entrepreneurs face a difficult temptation at this time of year. I'm referring to the temptation to take it easy during the weeks leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year. It appears that the entire world is unwinding and having a wonderful time. Shouldn't we also participate? We receive average results when we settle for the same as everyone else. We harm ourselves, our coworkers, and our customers when we offer less than our best. Average isn't good enough when it comes to running a small business. However, achieving above-average performance is not difficult. In a previous article, we discussed this topic. Let's take a closer look at how much of an influence this seemingly innocuous "Christmas temptation" can have on our bot.

How much further ahead of your competition would you be if you decided to do just a little bit more during the holiday weeks when the rest of the world is doing a lot less? The end outcome can be far greater than the modest amount of extra effort required. With that in mind, here are five more small company marketing ideas to work on during the slower months of the year.

Do a marketing video

Short films, like photos, are worth hundreds of words. They don't need to be done professionally. Use your cellphone, preferably mounted on a tripod for stability. Make a brief introduction that will entice your prospects to contact you for additional information. Alternatively, you may discuss one or more of your products and services. Any topic you'd discuss with a potential client can be incorporated into a video. Then share it on social media and your website.

Do a write up

Most people like to read blogs or articles regarding specific products. You can create an article if you have basic writing skills, and there are plenty of guidelines available to help you. Put it on your company's blog or send it to trade publications. You don't have time to write? Someone should be hired. Alternatively, identify someone on your team who enjoys writing and solicit their help.

Make use of Google Alerts

This is an excellent tool for getting real-time information about anything from the web. It can be used to receive alerts on items, topics discussed by your customers, rivals, and even yourself. If you want to know if someone has made a nice or negative comment about you or your firm. There's also a chance. Simply sign up for a Gmail account. Create alerts by going to www.google.com/alerts. You can choose how often you want to be notified once it's been made. You can generate an unlimited number of notifications. For business owners, it's a valuable source of marketing data.

Create your own e-newsletter

Make a commitment to sending your customers an email on a regular basis. Weekly is ideal, but you may need to ease into it by starting with monthly or biweekly. Your sales and profitability will rise as a result of regular contact. It's not difficult, and all you need is a few hours of peaceful time to get started. Klaviyo is a good example of an email service company. They'll make sure everything is done lawfully and keep you out of spam trouble. Learn how to use your contact management system's email system if you already have one.

Try having sales promotions

Every month, focus a sales promotion on a particular product or service. Alternatively, choose twelve frequently asked questions and answer them in depth once a month. Then connect it to a promotion. You'll feel ahead of the game on January 1 with twelve promos scheduled ahead of time. Having said that, I'm not suggesting that we don't take time to play. Yes, we do require rest and recharging time. However, if you're expected to be working this week, as most small business owners are, do something extra. In this scenario, resisting temptation is not fruitless.

The Bottomline

It's been stated that we can only manage action and not results. There is a lot of activity pushing sales behind every little business. Trends in critical behind-the-scenes marketing operations can serve as early warning indicators for the health of your sales if you keep track of them. The direction of sales can then be influenced by changing your marketing activity.

Remember, we're not just gathering data for the purpose of it. We only have time to do the things that are essential to the operation and growth of our company. Monitoring patterns in your critical marketing statistics will do this without taking up too much of your time.

If you’re not afraid to dig a little deeper to grow your business, visit our website at www.sounddecisions.co to know more about marketing tips.

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