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What would be the system like with me and my virtual assistant?

You can work with your virtual assistant, any way you want. Your assistant can use any app or follow workflow you're already using. If you want to communicate using WhatsApp, your assistant can chat and call you there. If you prefer emails, your assistant will email you, etc.

If I want to have a different assistant, or my assistant decides to quit working for me, or I need to scale my hours up or down. What will happen?

Coordinate with us and we will handle it for you. For example your assistant quits or if you feel like you need a different assistant, we will work quickly to replace them. If you also want to change and adjust their working hours per week, let us know and we will make the adjustments.

What if my remote assistant works longer than required?

As long as the overtime hours are confirmed by both of you over text or email. This is to ensure that you've clearly approved every hour of overtime worked.

What if my remote assistant goes on leave/ vacation or is sick?

You will not be charged if your assistant takes some time off, if they get sick or on a vacation.

Who are the remote assistants and where is their location?

Our remote assistants are located everywhere since we hire across the globe. Most of them are from the Philippines because we have a headquarters there.

How does Sound Decisions screen their potential remote assistants to find the right match?

Sound Decisions have a proprietary selection criteria and multi-step process to gauge assistants and find the best match for each client. This includes questionnaires, live interviews and screening calls with the potential client to ensure assistants are matched accordingly.

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